Baby bat!

Hello! Just wanted to swing through and share a story about a little baby bat!

I work at a preschool and on the exterior wall… we spotted something brown and fuzzy.. took a closer look and it was a little bat! It sat in the same place for a week and I was starting to worry about it.

I swear it visibly got smaller cause it didn’t seem like it moved at all! I was able to locate a Bat rescue person to come and pick it up. The day the lady was suppose to come… I get to work excited for the bat to be taken care of and fed.. only to find it gone! 😦 I was sooo bummed. The lady called and let me know she was on her way.. but I told her not to cause it was gone! Now all the kids and I are kinda bummed. There was no “happy ending” with it being rescued… so luckily.. I had the Lawn Fawn Bat Add on die… and I’m making a substitute for us! Lolol

I’m gonna laminate it and glue dot it to the brick wall in the same place…hopefully it stays put.. unlike the real life one! Lololol -Hugs! Kim

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