Kokeshi time!


I’m back with another different project. I’ve been trying different things lately and I kinda like it!

One thing I am not straying from is using the new Lawn Fawn stuff I got recently! I wanted to make a container, so I pulled out the Lawn Fawn Gift Box die set and was contemplating what happy, bright colors to use… and while sitting there… I saw my new Frantic Stamper Kokeshi Paper Doll die that I just got and thought I’d blend the two sets together.

I dug around until I found my stash of Origami stuff. I found a couple of sheets of traditional looking origami papers and cut out the box using that. Origami paper is not the thickest and I considered stacking the paper onto some denser cardstock but decided against it. I cut out all the necessary elements for the box and had to pull up the YouTube video because I was needing that visual support. LOL!!! I successfully assembled the box and started working on the little Kokeshi girls. I cut out their dress using the same colors of the box because I knew I wanted to add one to the bow. The other one I am going to make a little card with (which I did not do tonight… you will see why…).

After I was done… I was going to make the card to coordinate with the box, but decided against it because I wanted to fill this box with more Japanese elements… and I had my origami papers out. I made a lot of boats, stars, and a couple other miscellaneous elements… and filled the box. I made them using the bright, happy colors I am always drawn to. I figured the exterior looks a bit traditional and “quiet”.. and when you open the box up… its a PARTY of colors and cuteness!!! What do you think?

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