Stitching a bear … Part 1

I wanted to do a different kind of craft today… so I pulled out a set of dies that I lusted after for years and was finally able to get my hands on them from a destash group on FB. It is the elusive Papertrey Ink Quick Stitch Kit: Design-A-Softie

I cut out all the pieces from felt (there’s a lot of pieces!!) and gathered coordinating floss and a blunt needle and went to work.

*** 2 hours later ***

I thought I was making good progress and looked up at the clock to realize 2 hours had passed!! Time flies when ur doing a running stitch! 😂

I successfully stitched the ears, the eyes, nose, and the legs. I will have to continue this tomorrow… lol. I will keep you all posted! Oh, and because it was easy… I stamped the pocket insert and the little tag. Soooo cute!

💕 Stay tuned… Hugs -Kim

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