♥My Growing in Unity Winners have been chosen!♥

Thank you to all those who commented and visited my blog during my time as a GIU girl.  It was so much fun and I was really glad I was prepared to participate! What I was not prepared for was all the LOVE and SUPPORT from friends, new & old… fellow Unity Lovers… and just the online world out there! ♥  Doing this definitely has boosted my mojo to create more and share more as well!

Without further delay… I chose 2 people.  One from a Facebook post and one from my blog! Crystal Minkler & Sharon Livesy! I choose you PIKACHU to get some Unity!  You have 2 weeks to get in touch with me with your information!

BIG thanks and lotsa LOVE to UNITY as well for letting me share some Unity with fellow crafters! Sooo kind and generous to share the love!

Wanna see what I chose for my stamp set? I chose the Happy Snail Mail, May 2017 Sentiment Kit.  Super cute, huh?!  Love the image AND the sentiments! Will definitely get TONS of usage out of this set!


Thank you and have a wonderful evening!       — Kim


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